Borderless Projection Screens

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Borderless Projection Screens Gallery

Precision made using our exclusive Blockout Stretch Fabric and our own twist on a SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) framing system. Stretch Shapes’ Borderless Projection Screens provide a straightforward way to get the large and wrinkle/bezel-free projection surface you need with ultra-clean edges. Your projection screen is built to your specification and regardless of the size, our fabrication team will construct an ultra stout and labor-saving aluminum frame. Looking for a contemporary and unique projection screen? Large-scale curved screens are the latest craze! We can curve your projection screen or fabricate the frame in a unique shape. Check out our gallery of images to see what’s possible!

A large and colorful borderless projection screen on stage

Pro AV Projection Surfaces

Don’t interrupt your design with the visual noise of an exposed frame or black bezel surround; create a harmonious look edge-to-edge with Borderless Projection Screens.

  • Show you’re a professional without saying a word with Borderless Projection Screens
  • Our best projection screen to date. Made by professionals, for professionals
  • You call the shots. We’ll build your Borderless Projection Screen to your specification. Give us your dimensions and choose between a flat or curved screen and various interchangeable aerial rigging or ground support options
A close-up of the SEG on our Borderless Projection Screen, showing how it creates a perfect zero bezel edge

Example Sizes & Pricing

Check out the pricing for the size screens most frequently ordered. All Borderless Projection Screens can be custom built to your size specification. Our largest to date is 147′ long x 16′ tall.

    Flat Borderless Projection Screen

    • 10′ x 6′ – $2,490
    • 16′ x 9′ – $4,015
    • 30′ x 10′ – $6,540
    • 100′ x 12′ – $21,265

    Curved Borderless Projection Screen

    • 16′ x 9′ (2.5′ Deep) – $4,915
    • 30′ x 10′ (5′ Deep) – $8,405
    • 100′ x 12′ (8′ Deep) – $26,530
An ultra-wide Borderless Projection Screen Behind A Stage And Two Presenters

Custom Shapes & Sizes

With projection mapping and masking technology, it’s now possible to project on any size screen. However, it’s been a struggle for video artists to find uniquely shaped screens. That search is over.

  • Nearly any polygonal, curved, or rounded shape screen is possible
  • Simply provide us with your drawing and we will turn it into your perfect projection screen
  • Create single or groups of shapes that can be aerially rigged or ground supported
lux productions borderless projection screens showing custom sizes

Create Elevated Circle Screen

  • Design nearly any diameter circular or oval-shaped projection screen large-scale or small
  • Systems can be built using either a series of modular curved screens that connect together or one uniform screen
  • Perfect for creating completely immersive projection environments
  • Options for aerial rigging or ground support

Blockout Stretch Fabric

  • Premier stretch fabric for projection with total light blocking
  • Capable of front projection with a gain of 1.18
  • 2 Layer fabric with matte front and a rubberized white backing
  • Fabric skin can be folded up and stretches out to become wrinkle-free
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
A Central Seating Area Surrounded On All Sides By Stretch Fabric Borderless Projection Screens

A Robust Aluminum Frame

A step above the rest, our innovative frames are engineered for longevity and performance

  • Built exclusively from stout 2″ square tube aluminum
  • Joined every 8′ with precision connections that securely fasten for a true result
  • Allows for unsupported spans up to 12′ long without deflection
  • Choose aerial, truss mount or ground supported rigging
  • A variety of other rigging accessories are available
A Custom Shaped Extra Large Borderless Projection Screen Made Out Of High Performance Stretch Fabric

Easy Ordering and Quick Lead Times

No need to wait; your quote will be in hand and ready to review quickly.

  • Our sales department will provide a quote with all details of your project
  • Stretch Shapes can fulfill most orders of Borderless Projection Screens within 10 business days
  • Need it now? Check out our Rush Options!
A wide Borderless Projection Screen with an orange and pink gradient projected onto it

Additional Info

Borderless Frames!

Other SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frames expose the frame, creating a border that looks unfinished and can be distracting to the viewer. Just walk through any trade show or major corporate event, you’re sure to see some form of SEG on display. As masters of our craft, we are always looking to improve and innovate solutions for the live event industry, which is how we solved the issue of exposed projection screen frames.

Working with our fabrication and patterning departments, Stretch Shapes was able to come up with a solution using SEG extrusion that mounts onto the back of our square tube frames. This allows our Blockout fabric to wrap around the frame, yielding a polished, finished look.

Frame Specifications

Thick-walled, 2″ aluminum square tubing provides a solid structure to hold your projection screen intact, allowing you to get years of service out of your Borderless Projection Screen. The stout square tube frame also prevents material deflection (sagging) along the horizontal edge. Once the frame has been created, our last step is adding the SEG rail along the back. This creates an extremely solid frame system that’s ready to quickly take fabric while looking and performing impeccably. Stretch Shapes can make your frame with either ground or aerial support options. Frames can also be designed with modularity in mind, allowing you to purchase multiple smaller frames and connect them to make one large frame.

Frames join together using a smaller diameter concentric material that fits tightly into the corresponding segment. The stainless square tube will never rust and provides a very strong material to fasten into. All fasteners are designed with a countersunk drill bit and countersunk screws that, once tightened down, will be flush with the material to provide a smooth finish.

All of Stretch Shapes’ frames are treated with a special industrial coating that adheres to the metal at a molecular level. This prevents the frame from oxidizing and is invisible to the eye. Understanding that not all Borderless Projection Screens will be fixed, we engineer our frames to break down small, allowing you to transport your screen without taking up a ton of space. Segment lengths can also be designed to your specs so they fit in your current cases or crates without needing to purchase additional storage for your frames.

Blockout Stretch Fabric!

New Fabric Features as of 11/19/19:

  • Wrinkles and deep folding creases now stretch ALL the way out
  • Greatly improved durability of our Blockout Stretch Fabric by using a new and improved thicker white back layer (rather than black)
  • All new reinforced corners improve lifespan and support repeated use
  • Additionally, you can count on 100% blockout, zero frame shadowing, a Gain of 1.18, and flame-retardant fabric

Our Blockout Stretch Fabric is an optic white surface with a blockout layer to ensure total opacity and zero frame shadowing. The 4-way stretch in the fabric allows you to stretch the fabric into the SEG frame. More importantly, the 100% blockout capability makes this stretch fabric the perfect option for high-resolution projection and crisp displays.

For safety, our Blockout Stretch Fabric is REACH Compliant, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified, and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards.

To ensure the perfect fit and size, each Borderless Projection Screen’s fabric is cut using our precise Autometrix Radian CNC fabric cutter. Screens can be seamless up to 10′ high and 90′ wide. Each seam is sewn with a super tight roll hemstitch, drastically reducing seam visibility and outperforming other printed stretch fabrics on the market.

Customize Your Project

Do you have a specific shape, size, or special rigging in mind? We are happy to customize your Borderless Projection Screen! We can make Curved Borderless Projection Screens, Diamond Projection Screens, or create something completely custom. Additionally, Stretch Shapes can customize Borderless Projection Screens to any size; our largest to date is 147′ long x 16′ tall!

Ordering a Borderless Projection Screen

Your Borderless Projection Screen will be made to order. To purchase a Borderless Projection Screen for your next event, please request a quote via our toll-free number or use our custom quote system. Your relationship manager will be in contact with you every step leading up to your event to answer any questions you may have.

Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of Borderless Projection Screens around within 10 business days. Need it sooner? Check out our rush options to see which works best for you.