Aflac Custom Football

Venue: Aflac & SEC Traveling Activation
Services Provided: Custom Fabricated Football Shape covered in Pantone Matching Stretch Fabric with 2D Forms, Hook & Loop Truss Covers, and a Flat Panel Sail
Client: MELT Sports & Entertainment and Aflac

As part of ESPN’s SEC Network, SEC Nation is a traveling pregame show, visiting various game-day locations for 14 weeks. Aflac, sponsoring the show, will set up their brand activation booth alongside the live set.

For national television exposure, Aflac partnered with MELT Sports & Entertainment to create an eye-catching, impressive booth. The design needed to be portable, easy to set up and dismantle, and consistently flawless. Stretch Shapes provided premium fabric and custom designs for this.

MELT and Aflac worked with Stretch Shapes to integrate a football-themed design, matching Aflac’s brand. Stretch Shapes’ team managed logistics and budget constraints to bring this concept to life.

The booth, made with Stretch Shapes products, features a standard truss frame with Pantone-matched blue Hook & Loop Truss Covers, and blue Rectangle 2D Forms for walls with printed branding. A custom metal frame supports the football-shaped ‘roof’ with a Flat Panel Sail as the ‘ceiling.’ The football piece, covered in white fabric, is printed with blue stripes, laces, and Aflac’s logo.

All fabrics underwent dye sublimation printing for accurate brand color representation. MELT also chose a complete truss kit for convenience.

The booth debuted at Aflac Headquarters in Columbus, GA, where Stretch Shapes’ team not only set up for the event but also trained MELT for future installations. Despite early fall weather, the initial setup was smooth, and MELT quickly learned the process. With several successful weeks and no need for additional support, Stretch Shapes celebrates a successful collaboration.