Coors Light Shade Structure

Venue: Myrtle Beach (Carolina Country Music Fest)
Services Provided: Custom Shade Structure with Printed Truss Covers
Client: Zane + Partners Productions

2018 has been a great year for Shade Structures. Our latest release of multiple designs and concepts has sparked the imagination of many clients across the globe. Sheri Zane, from Zane + Partners Productions, had a vision of creating a unique Shade Structure for her client (Miller Coors) that was something no one had ever done.

With an idea in mind and vision in place, the only thing left to do for Sheri was to call Stretch Shapes.

How was your experience working with the Stretch Shapes creative team during the design process of your shade structure?


The team at Stretch Shapes was SUPERB! Absolutely top notch custom solutions and hands-on customer experience through every touch point of the process. As both a Creative Director and Producer, the most important factors of choosing a vendor are (1) Costs (2) Turn-around time or timeframe and (3) Quality. Stretch Shapes nailed all three – and that rarely happens!

What was the inspiration behind the design?

In producing a music festival activation for Miller Coors for the fourth consecutive year with Coors Light as the lead Carolina Country Music Festival sponsor, I knew that I wanted to do something different – something outside the box from a standard tent structure. From both an aesthetic and functional approach, I chose to use stretch sail shades – providing something unique and eye-catching in design, something that towered above the crowd for brand recognition, and something that did provide shade in the hot Carolina sun. Thus, the design was inspired by the Coors Light logo – two triangle-pyramid shapes that joined compose the stylized Rocky Mountains of the Coors Light logo.

How did you find Stretch Shapes?

A colleague recommended them – the peer used to be a producer at GMR Marketing. Thus, word-of-mouth. Then I searched the website and made sure that the company presentation and services seemed aligned to my goals. Then I made the inquiry phone call.

What was your experience like working with your Relationship Manager (Justin)?

Seamless! Justin Thompson was flawless – he kept me on schedule for deadlines and kept me in the loop for creative updates. He made educated recommendations and worked with me on the allotted budget – VERY IMPORTANT! He was supportive and on top of it every step of the way! EXCELLENT.

I have recently made several recommendations to industry peers.

How was set up and strike?

Superb! The rigger that was sent to site to assist in installation was absolutely superb! He was extremely knowledgeable, excellent work-ethic, productive, efficient and flexible per the labor schedule. I can’t wait to have him back next year!

Any fun quotes you would like to add about your overall experience working with Stretch Shapes?

There needs to be more companies like this in the industry – offering unique custom solutions with hands-on support, honest hard work and quality products as their backbone!