Coors Light Shade Structure

Venue: Myrtle Beach (Carolina Country Music Fest)
Services Provided: Custom Shade Structure with Printed Truss Covers
Client: Zane + Partners Productions

2018 was stellar for Shade Structures, with our designs captivating clients worldwide. Sheri Zane of Zane + Partners Productions envisioned a unique Shade Structure for Miller Coors, turning to Stretch Shapes for realization.

Sheri praised Stretch Shapes for their exceptional custom solutions and client service. Key factors: cost, turnaround time, and quality – all expertly met by Stretch Shapes.

The inspiration? A music festival activation for Miller Coors, where Sheri sought a distinctive design, leading to stretch sail shades inspired by the Coors Light logo.

Discovering Stretch Shapes through a peer’s recommendation and thorough research, Sheri’s experience with Relationship Manager Justin Thompson was seamless and supportive.

Setup and strike were efficient, with a skilled rigger ensuring a smooth installation. Sheri’s takeaway: the industry needs more companies like Stretch Shapes, known for unique solutions, dedicated support, and quality products.