Distrikt Shade Structure

Venue: Black Rock Desert
Event: Burning Man
Client: Distrikt
Services Provided: Shade Structures
Material: New Outdoor Stretch Fabric (OSF)
Size: 150′ x 75′
Weather Resistance: Sun, wind, and rain
Innovations: More tab connection points

Distrikt is an iconic and enduring presence at Burning Man, known for hosting the festival’s most expansive daytime dance floor. The camp introduced the largest Shade Structure built at the 2023 event, spanning
150’ x 75’, as part of an innovative approach to providing extensive coverage with less hassle.

This endeavor also served as a real-world trial for Stretch Shapes’ proprietary Outdoor Stretch Fabric (OSF) designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor event environment—sunlight, winds, and rain shedding. Impressively, the fabric endured over three weeks of the harsh Nevada climate without a tear or color fade, effectively shedding three consecutive days of downpours before returning to its original state.