Event Design New York 3

As an expert in seamless meeting and special event production, EDNY has maintained a longstanding collaboration with the Stretch Shapes team, working together for years to design some of the most extensive projection-based stage setups in the nation.

To construct this immersive experience, a series of Borderless Projection Screens were meticulously crafted. This included two rectangular screens for the wings at 48’ x 24’, and a series of 8’ x 24’ right triangles for the central area. Additionally, a third 48’ x 24’ screen served as the backdrop in the center. Some of the right triangles were suspended from above, while others were supported on the ground, strategically layered to seamlessly draw the viewer’s gaze towards the central screen.

For the projector setup, there were a total of (6) projectors on the set. (3) stacks of (2) projectors each. It was 3 outputs from Resolume, Center, House Left, and House Right. The projectors were Barco 4K40s. Two of them were converged on the center portion and one each on the outsides.

Leveraging the geometric properties of these right triangles, EDNY fashioned captivating illusionary graphics that seamlessly extended the visual theme from the dimensional center stage to the accompanying images on the flanking screens. The outcome was a vibrant and visually captivating stage presence that held the audience’s
rapt attention throughout the entire event.