The Gramophone at the Up Stream Music Festival

Venue: Up Stream Music Festival – Seattle, Washington
Services Provided: Custom pattern design
Client: R90 Lighting

The first annual Up Stream Music Festival and Summit was held in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington. Part of the event included “The Summit presented by Amazon Web Services,” which hosted emerging artists, industry experts and creative collaborators to come together and discuss various challenges facing the music industry. Keynote speakers included Macklemore, Quincy Jones, Portia Sabin and Ron Jones.

The client’s goal was to have a giant gramophone in bright pink directly above the speakers. The opening of the gramophone housed large monitors that would give the audience a visual of what was on stage from all four sides. The client was able to provide nearly everything needed to complete the custom pattern, including exact dimensions of the custom truss structure used to support the setup. Using our hot pink stock color and instructions from the client, we were able to create a custom pattern that was easy to install and looked amazing above the stage.