The SeaWheeze Lululemon Half Marathon

Venue: Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver BC
Services Provided: Two shade structures and installation management
Client: Lululemon

Claimed as the “most breathtakingly beautiful and ridiculously fun half marathon in the world,” the SeaWheeze Lululemon Half Marathon in Vancouver BC was a hit yet again in 2017. With over 10,000 attendees and events taking place all over the city, a focal point for Lululemon was Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver. Here, attendees could gather, pick up event information and do yoga with some of North America’s best teachers. To do yoga with some of the best, you need an amazing backdrop. To complete the look and feel of the plaza, Lululemon requested two fabric shade structures from Stretch Shapes.

Working with the Lululemon team, it was important to design the shade structures so that they matched the aesthetics of the event and be functional. The first structure was 41′ wide by 97′ long and required 60 stretch fabric sails to complete. The structure was supported by truss that was then wrapped in our hook & loop truss covers to provide a clean and finished look. Inside, attendees could stretch, do yoga, and change clothes thanks to the interior fabric walls that we added.

The second structure utilized prime real estate next to the water. Using darker colored shade sails, this structure served as the area for boxing classes taught by a local athletic club. Measuring in at 19′ wide and 34′ long, this shade structure provided a much different look, using 9 sails to complete.

To ensure a smooth and successful installation, Lululemon contracted Stretch Shapes to manage the install. Through the guidance of the Stretch Shapes’ installation manager, total time to install both shade structures took just 10 hours.