Get ready to be blown away by the sheer magnificence of Maritime Creative of St. Augustine, Florida’s latest creation for the 2023 International Content Marketing Annual Conference! The brilliant minds at Stretch Shapes team were called upon to transform an ambitious vision into reality – a colossal custom 3D stage set in the shape of an enormous guitar, featuring a mesmerizing round opening in the center that you can actually walk through!

The scale of this project is truly astounding – a gigantic structure measuring a breathtaking 43 feet wide, 21 feet high, and 18 inches deep, forming the perfect embodiment of a 3D guitar stage set. Each piece was meticulously custom-fabricated, coming together to form this awe-inspiring design.

But the magic didn’t stop there. Once the vibrant and colorful fabric was masterfully applied to the structure, the stage literally sprang to life, echoing the event’s guitar logo in a spectacular display of creativity and style. This isn’t just a stage set; it’s a monumental work of art that perfectly captures the spirit and energy of the event!