Race Cascadia – Awards Backdrop

Venue: Varies based on race location; Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho
Services Provided: Custom Printed 2D Form, Additional Printed Skins
Client: Race Cascadia

The Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Mountain Range, home to world-class mountain biking trails, is the perfect setting for Race Cascadia, a leading enduro mountain bike race producer. Their main event, the Cascadia Dirt Cup, exemplifies their commitment to the sport.

Managing over a dozen yearly events across four states, Race Cascadia sought to enhance their awards podium in 2018. They envisioned a professional backdrop, different from standard banners. It needed to be travel-friendly and durable for outdoor use, without requiring a large crew for setup.

Partnering with Stretch Shapes, they designed a mountain-themed backdrop fitting for their races. Stretch Shapes’ existing 2D Forms were customized to align with their podium. The design used a pillowcase system for easy setup and breakdown, making transportation and reuse simple.

The backdrop’s first design featured a woodgrain and blue mountain print with sponsors’ names. The following year, it evolved to include vibrant colors, mountains, trees, and a bigfoot figure, with sponsor logos for a dynamic, high-resolution display.

This awards podium not only elevates the professional look of the races but also provides an ideal backdrop for photos. Stretch Shapes’ 2D Forms play a crucial role in securing sponsorships and enhancing event aesthetics.

Race Cascadia’s team found the setup quick and easy, emphasizing the use of professional graphics for clarity and impact. They appreciated the simple instructions and labeled pieces, making the process manageable without a dedicated crew.

Their experience with Stretch Shapes was overwhelmingly positive, praising the easy setup and effective design that met all their needs.