Venue: Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida
Services Provided: Hexagon Panel Wall, 2D Forms, dye sublimation printing, custom truss covers
Client: Event Design New York

Designing custom stages is always a thrilling collaboration that we look forward to with all our clients. When you put creative minds together, generally good things happen. Case in point, the 2015 ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards in Miami Beach, Florida. This project was the first of many that we got the pleasure of working with Event Design New York and it did not disappoint.

Nearly 500 hexagon panel walls were made to create the backdrop for ANA’s annual conference. With our dye sublimation printing, we printed the ANA logo on many of the panels and pre-assembled the grid to make for an easy install. Truss surrounding the backdrop were covered in custom length white Universal Stretch Fabric truss covers to create a completed look and provide more ability to project and light. Since the event, EDNY has been able to reuse many of the elements from this event and other events for ANA, allowing them to just add fill in pieces as they go.