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Do you need a large front or rear projection surface and have truss available? Build a truss frame with the truss you have and we’ll create a custom covering that wraps around the edges to create a smooth and professional projector surface. Recommended for drive-in movie theaters, or anywhere requiring a large projection surface.

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Truss Wrap Projection Screens utilize the truss you already have so you don’t have to purchase additional equipment. Don’t have truss? We’ll help source a rental near you, just ask your Relationship Manager.

All Truss Wrap Screens are custom-built, so nearly any size can be achieved. Stretch Shapes can design a Truss Wrap Screen to fit nearly any size truss, including 12” box truss, 20.5” box truss. There’s no limit to the segment lengths we can build a cover for. We can even manufacture your screen with top openings for aerial rigging or ground supported with optional leg openings.


You can select from 2 fabric types to best suit your projection needs:

  • Front Projection – Made with 2-ply IFR Stretch Fabric, white on the front and black on the back to optimize front projection brightness for a Gain of 1.02
  • Rear Projection – Made from white IFR Heavyweight Stretch Fabric to capture more rear-projected light with a Gain of .97
All of our stretch fabric, otherwise known as tension fabric, is inherently flame retardant (IFR) and is engineered for durability, safety, and high-performance stretch. The fabric is machine washable and will hold all certifications through several washes. We’ve spent years perfecting our stretch fabric ratios to ensure your projector wall is wrinkle-free, has a precise alignment, and looks flawless when installed. The result is a professional projection surface that helps you stand out from your competition.


You’re unique and so is your order. To purchase a Truss Wrap Screen from Stretch Shapes, please contact our sales department via our toll-free number or use our lightning-fast online quote system. Your relationship manager will be in contact with you answering any questions you have every step of the way.

Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of Truss Wrap Screens around within 5 business days. Need it yesterday? We got you! Check out our rush options to see which one works best for you.

Truss Wrap Projection Screen

Our Screen, Your Frame

Truss Wrap Projection Screens are made to work in conjunction with your existing box truss frame. This system is an exceptional choice for drive-in movie theaters, concerts, or corporate meetings looking to achieve a big impact on a tight budget.

  • Once you let us know the truss frame size you want to cover, we can get you a quick quote
  • Need help figuring out your truss frame size? Our experts can guide you
  • Fabric wraps the entire truss frame and connects on the back for a polished look
  • Choose openings for ground supported truss legs or openings for aerial rigging
  • The screen can connect to the frame with zip ties, tie line or ball bungees

How Large Can Truss Wrap Projection Screens Be Made?

Truss Wrap Screens are commonly made to fit 12” or 20.5” box truss systems, however, they can be made to fit nearly any size truss configuration. Screens are quickly made to order so nearly any size is possible. Here are some examples of popular sizes that are possible:

  • 10’ x 7’
  • 17’ x 10’
  • 22’ x 12’
  • 35’ x 20’
  • 53’ x 30’
Start your project now:

The Projection Surface

All screens are made from premium stretch fabrics that meet the highest flame retardant standards including NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, and ASTM E84. Choose from a front or rear projection surface.

Front Projection

  • Comprised of 2-ply skin with white IFR Stretch Fabric on front & backed with a 2nd layer of black for bright front projections with a Gain of 1.02
  • Screens are seamless up to 12’ in height and a nearly limitless length
  • Screens over 12’ get a micro seam

Rear Projection

  • For rear projection, we use one layer of white IFR Heavy Stretch Fabric with a Gain of .97 to capture the maximum amount of rear-projected light
  • Screens are seamless up to 10.5’ in height and a nearly limitless length
  • Screens over 10.5’ get a micro seam

Easy Ordering and Quick Lead Times

Why wait? You’ll have a quote before you know it.

  • Receive a lightning-fast quote through our sales department
  • Need help designing or have more complex questions? Our Sales team is comprised of AV experts
  • Stretch Shapes can fulfill any size order of Truss Wrap Screens within 3-5 business days
  • Need it yesterday? Check out our rush options!