Vector Grids

Stretch Shapes continues to innovate and move the needle with solutions from fabrics that stretch for AV and Live Design professionals. Vector Grids are a ground-breaking product that will provide event professionals with the opportunity to design dynamic backdrops and modern ceiling treatments that embrace the geometric trend we’re seeing right now. With Vector Grids, you can create backdrops with custom fabric walls that mount using a Pipe and Base Frame or mounts on to your existing truss frame. If you prefer, Vector Grids can even be used as a lightweight fabric ceiling treatment.

Design made simple

Our pre-configured shapes and sizes allow you to design your Vector Grid to fit the needs of your event without having to overthink the setup. Currently, we offer five distinct geometric patterns that include triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, and diamonds. With each wall, you get to pick the pattern density (size) you want each shape to be cut in. Each shape is available in a 6”, 12”, 2’ and 2.5’ pattern density. This provides even more creative freedom when designing your event wall, stretch fabric backdrop, stage background, or fabric ceiling treatment.

What’s the difference between Vector Grids and Panel Wall Tiles?

The biggest difference between the Vector Grids and our Panel Wall Tiles is the Panel Wall Tiles are individual panels that are pre-assembled in our production facility with metal gate rings, whereas our Vector Grids are a complete wall with the pattern cut into the fabric wall itself.

Vector Grids require no additional parts (other than the structure you’re mounting to), whereas our Panel Wall Tiles require additional attachment pieces like zip ties. This translates into Vector Grids creating a next level super clean looking pattern fabric wall.

What is the difference between Pipe & Base and Truss Mount?

We have designed these walls to work with pipe and base systems as well as truss structures. For your pipe and base systems, a sewn-in pole pocket is built into the perimeter of the Vector Grid. This provides stretch from all four sides to provide your wall with a wrinkle-free finish and a perfectly symmetrical grid. View an installation video here.

For truss structures or similar, we sew in hook & loop strips that simply wrap around the truss and stick to themselves. Not only does this allow for an extremely quick and easy install, but it also removes the need for zip ties. This reduces waste, cost and cleanup — all added benefits! To view Vector Grid truss mounted installation, click here.

See for yourself!

Our team is on standby ready to provide you with any additional information you need to design your next event with our Vector Grids. Feel free to use our lightning-fast online quote system to get an accurate estimate of what you need or pick up the phone and give us a call at 1.888.396.2017.