Miami Open – Shade Structures

Venue: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
Services Provided: Shade Structures
Client: Miami Dolphins

The Miami Open is an annual tennis tournament held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. With sunny weather and hot temperatures, a sanctuary away from the hot sun is a must! And since Miami is the home of the Miami Dolphins, what better place to escape the sun than a under a couple of Shade Structure that features the white and orange colors of Miami’s beloved home team.

There were two Shade Structures. The first Shade Structure was inspired by a long rectangular shade structure and the other was inspired by Shade Structure 420. From a birdseye view, the long rectangular structure was 106′ x 20′ and the Shade Structure 420 was 85′ x 85′.

Naturally, for brand cohesiveness, the Miami Open used Tangerine and White Outdoor Stretch Fabric, which is the ultimate stretch fabric for creating long-lasing UV resistant structures.

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