Corner Cover Instructional Videos

From time to time, an innovative product requires a little helping hand for all to enjoy the fruits of our creativity. Case in point: our four solutions for covering corner junctions of truss structures. Stretch Shapes’ four options — 90° 2-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Cover, 90° 3-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Cover, 3-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Cover and 4-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Cover — now all have step-by-step instructional videos to help guide your way to a perfectly covered truss structure.

Each corner cover instructional video is intended for all experience levels. If you’re a helping hand trying to setup a church stage design or an experienced rigger setting up a massive shade structure, you’ll gain valuable knowledge from taking a minute to watch these videos.

90° 2-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Cover

For goalpost-style setups, our 90° 2-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Cover is essential for completing the finished look. Available in our 13 stock colors or custom printed, this corner cover is now even easier to setup with a quick glance at this instructional video.

90° 3-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Cover

One of the most common truss junctions you see in all rectangle or square configurations is a 90° 3-way corner block. Like all Stretch Shapes Corner Covers, our 90° 3-Way 12” Box Truss Corner Covers conveniently secure around the truss junction with a hook & loop closure. To see the complete setup, check out this video.

3-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Cover

Another common truss junction is a 3-Way T. You see these in a lot of rectangular truss structures used at weddings and outdoor events. These structures can easily be covered using our Hook and Loop Truss Rolls and corner covers along with the 3-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Covers.

4-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Cover

Our latest addition to our Corner Cover product category is the 4-Way T 12” Box Truss Corner Cover. The demand to build more complicated truss structures at larger events has grown over the years as seen in some of our recent Shade Structures. This demand has created a need for this specific product to cover these complicated junctions. While simple enough, they can be intimidating to install when opening out of the package. This video takes all the confusion out and allows you to maximize your time during install.

As with all of our stock products, our Truss Corner Covers are manufactured with our premium Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) stretch fabric. Our fabric passes even the strictest guidelines and will pass NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, and ASTM E84. Whether you’re working with our Pull Over Truss Covers or our Hook and Loop Truss Covers, our Corner Covers will work for you. Available in all of our stock colors, give us a call to start your project today.

All four videos can also be found on the Stretch Shapes Video page under “Installation Guides” or on our YouTube page.

Tent Liners Bring Life to Major Events

A common need for sporting events and large gatherings around the world is temporary structures to house attendees, VIP guests and staff of the event. These structures range from small to massive, holding upwards of 1,000 guests at a time. Aesthetically, they are far from pleasant on the inside. Often you’re left with exposed metal beams or a poor attempt at lining the inside with plastic liners or fabric panels that don’t fit correctly. Enter the Stretch Shapes solution: Tent Liners.

At Stretch Shapes, we pride ourselves on creating solutions from fabrics that stretch to enhance the experience of all types of live events. Our team of innovators and creative thinkers created a solution to this problem and introduced our Tent Liner product which has caught popularity with temporary structure organizations around the globe.

Using our proprietary hook and loop attachment system, our finished product effectively adheres the stretch fabric to the face of the aluminum beams. This allows our installation crew to quickly go into your structure and cover all exposed walls and beams, providing added value to your structure with an aesthetic punch your guests will thoroughly enjoy.

Tent Liners

Stretch Shapes Tent Liners offer a refined solution for lining temporary structures, including most tent structures. Using our Trapeze Plus stretch fabric and client-provided CAD files, Stretch Shapes’ pattern wizards are able to pattern entire lining systems for any temporary structure.

Tent Liners are manufactured with our premium stretch fabric which is a perfect blend of polyester and spandex to create a beautiful, wrinkle-free liner inside the structure. This fabric passes the strictest fire ratings as it’s Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR). This allows the stretch fabric to hold its rating even through several washes so you can reuse your Tent Liner at multiple events.

This stretch fabric is available in 13 stock colors, including bright white and bold black. You can also choose to print your Tent Liner to promote your event or sponsorship packages by choosing our Dye Sublimation printing option.

Tent Liners in Action

Our Tent Liners have now shined at PGA events in Augusta at the Masters and Pebble Beach, Pimlico Race Course for the Preakness, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City, Stagecoach Music Festival, Panorama Music Festival in New York, automotive product launches and more.

With each event, our team has teamed up with our client to create unique passageways, window cut-ins and even column wraps to match the tent liners.


We are proud to offer our 20 world class installers located in nearly every corner of the United States to install a Tent Liner at your next event. Most installs can be done in 2-4 days with a small team of experts at your service. Our installation managers will work with you to update you on every step of the installation to ensure a perfectly executed installation.

Striking your event can generally be done by your team, but if needed our team is more than able to come back out and strike the fabric for you.

Ready to get started on a Tent Liner project for your next event? Give us a call or submit a Web Quote Request with some information about your project and our team will quickly go to work for you.

Stretch Shapes 2018 New Product Alert

Stretch Shapes is poised to bring you more solutions from fabrics that stretch in 2018 to enhance and influence the event industry for years to come. As our selection of products grows, so does our ability to meet your demands and become your one-stop shop for event scenic décor. To kick off the new year, we’re excited to bring you 3 new products and an all-new landing page for our Fabric Shade Structures.

Hook & Loop Truss Rolls

Ask and you shall receive. For years, our Pull Over Truss Cover Rolls have been extremely popular in the event industry. They allow you to quickly cover substantial amounts of truss by simply rolling out the fabric and cutting the segments you need on the spot and pulling the cut piece over the truss. Our newest version of Truss Cover Rolls incorporates our Hook & Loop connections, so you have a fully cuttable roll that can be cut to the size you need and wrap around an already installed truss structure.

A major benefit of our Hook and Loop Truss Cover Rolls is that you can create your own openings without cutting holes in the fabric. You simply separate the hook from the loop, pull your rigging or cables through and then connect your hook and loop back together around the cables to finish the look. This will allow you to reuse the covers at multiple events, saving you time and money!

Stretch Shapes Hook & Loop Truss Rolls are available in the following sizes and ready for immediate shipment:

  • 50’ Hook and Loop Truss Roll for 12” Box Truss in white
  • 50’ Hook and Loop Truss Roll for 12” Box Truss in black
  • 100’ Hook and Loop Truss Roll for 12” Box Truss in white
  • 100’ Hook and Loop Truss Roll for 12” Box Truss in black

Rear Projection Full Moons

Our standard Full Moon Circle Screens are the perfect solutions to front projection, showcase branding or event info by using our dye sublimation printing service, but one thing they don’t do is allow for rear projection. Problem solved with our Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screens. Rather than pillowcase the circular frames, our Rear Projection Full Moons are manufactured with a pole pocket around the perimeter to provide a single ply fabric inside the frame. This provides you with a clean, wrinkle-free surface to project onto.

Rear Projection Full Moon kits include the frame, hardware and skin. These are available in the following diameters:

  • 4’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen
  • 5’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen
  • 6’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen
  • 8’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen
  • 10’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen
  • 12’ Rear Projection Full Moon Circle Screen

Along with the release of these new fabric circle screens, we now offer replacement skins for all our Full Moon kits and replacement frames to allow for quick and easy reordering.

Pipe Cover Rolls

Pipe Covers are one of our most popular selling products. Like Truss Covers, Pipe Covers are essential to your scenic décor, especially if you rely on rental pipe and drape systems that can show wear and tear from repeated use. Like our Truss Cover Rolls, Pipe Cover Rolls allow you to cut what you need, when you need it. These new Rolls are available in 60’ segments to cover 1.5” and 2” uprights. To install, you roll out the length you need, cut it, and slide it over your uprights.

All of Stretch Shapes’ new products are available for immediate shipment so you can get them into your hands in time for your next event.