8 Ways to Use a Quick Wall

No matter what industry you work in, time is one commodity that most people could use a little more of. Although we haven’t figured out how to control time (yet!), we have developed a product that will save you time.

Our stretch fabric Quick Walls do exactly what the name states — create a stretch wall quickly, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere. Practical, portable, and extremely easy to set up, Quick Walls have a wide variety of uses and applications that will elevate how you use fabric walls.

Quick Walls come in 16 vivid colors, including the bright white stock fabric which works brilliantly for printing and projection. Logos, branding, and customized artwork can be added using dye sublimation printing, for high resolution, warp-free graphics. Stage lighting and projection can also be applied after set up to create a bold impact.

Hitting a wall with your creative brainstorming? We’ve compiled a list of 8 ways to use a Quick Wall. Keep reading to find the solution you need or check out the Quick Wall page for additional specifications.

1. Room Dividers

A simple solution to redefining spaces, Quick Walls make ideal room dividers. Modern and customizable, Quick Walls allow you to section off spaces and create temporary rooms. Fast to set up and lightweight enough to rearrange, room dividers are easy to adjust as needed.

Uses for Room Dividers include:

  • Schools & Churches — create separate spaces for different age groups or activities
  • Conferences — establish rooms for breakouts and small meetings
  • Break up Large Spaces — make more intimate and enclosed spaces within a larger venue
A Sunday school uses Quick Walls to separate different classes; two class rooms are shownThe Bier Stein uses a printed Quick Wall with their logo on it to create separate dining sections.

2. Industry & Trade Show Walls

When presenting at industry events, making a bold first impression quickly can be the difference between whether attendees will stop and talk or just keep walking. Elevate your trade show booths, backdrops, and breakout sessions with sleek, smooth, and completely upright Quick Walls. We know how valuable it is to have backdrops that don’t require additional structures or time-consuming setups; instead, make your booth neighbors jealous with an easy setup that takes minutes instead of hours or days!

Ways to make Industry & Trade Events eye-catching and compelling:

  • Trade Show Booth Walls — upgrade from the standard pipe & drape systems with a branded Quick Wall, making an impressive first statement
  • Conference Stage Backdrops — set up a Quick Wall backdrop with projection that can be updated for each speaker or session. Be sure to check out the portfolio on ZoomInfo’s printed Quick Wall, with Magic Johnson as the speaker!
  • Breakout Areas for Expert Panels — create smaller areas for panels and discussions that include branded backdrops and space-defining sidewalls
Printed Quick Walls for Audio Visual Resources and 21st Annual Art Cetera form a display at a trade showA printed Quick Wall for the Internet Society serves as the backdrop behind a staged conferenceStretch Shapes demos one of our own printed Quick Walls at InfoComm

3. Media Backdrops

In a world where digital media is king, treating your guests and attendees like royalty can go a long way. The background might not be the main focal point, but it will set the stage for video and photography to come. Quick Walls can include dye sublimation printing with logos, event branding, and step-and-repeat patterns to recreate the royal treatment.

Applications for Media Backdrops include:

  • Sponsorship Walls — give sponsors the attention and recognition they deserve by printing company logos and images
  • Media Walls — give attendees a red carpet welcome with a step-and-repeat wall that is perfect for photography and press entrances
  • Press Conference Backdrops — create a high-quality backdrop worthy of media attention, while keeping the main focus on your message
A large printed Quick Wall in shades of purple used as a sponsorship wall thanking various corporate sponsorsA Quick Wall commemorating Canada's 150th birthday, with logos for Canada's 150th, Port of Vancouver, and Canada Place in an alternating step-and-repeat pattern.A bright pink printed Quick Wall for the Festival of Genomics

4. Retail Designs

With more and more people shopping online, it is vital that retail displays are impactful and provoke curiosity. Large, striking images and compelling window displays are a fantastic way to highlight a product or area and catch the fleeting attention of consumers. And, because Quick Walls can easily be reskinned, updating the fabric while reusing the frame provides an affordable, reusable option.

    Uses for Retail Displays include:

  • Product Releases — use Quick Walls as a visual merchandising tool to highlight a new product line or launch
  • Defined Areas — emphasize a specific area, such as a brand or seasonal section
  • Company Info & History — feature company details that hook the attention of potential buyers
A printed Quick Wall for Tommy Art DIY Paint System with paint cans printed on itA pair of printed Quick Walls for Aston Martin and TagheuerA Quick Wall printed with an infographic for Prolastin

5. Walkways, Entrances & Boundaries

From directing attendees ingress/egress paths to hiding the sometimes chaotic behind-the-scenes action, managing guests’ movement and line of sight can be a tricky challenge. Lightweight Quick Walls made in custom sizes can provide the right solution while maintaining the integrity of your event design.

Applications for Walkways, Entrances, and Boundaries include:

  • Welcome & Farewell — make it easy for guests to find the entrance by using walls to create a bold and welcoming entrance, or leave a lasting impression and final call to action with Quick Walls placed at the exit
  • Guide — direct event flow with stretch walls that conduct guest traffic, manage public viewpoints and work within any venue
  • Hide — keep behind-the-scenes activity behind the screens and attention focused on the main event
    Pro Tip: Add branded messages or advertising on the walls to increase the reach of your marketing and reinforce your message
A printed Quick Wall for Joseph Family Foundation Urban NightsA colorful printed Quick Wall for Adventureland with wild animal silhouettesA Quick Wall printed as a sponsorship wall for Canada Assembly

6. Photo & Video Backdrops

Events are never short on photo opportunities, and Quick Walls can provide a beautiful backdrop for all those snapshots. Whether it’s a dedicated photobooth, a staged area for professional photography, or a backdrop for selfies, plain and printed Quick Walls serve as an easy backdrop that can be reskinned anytime a new image is needed.

Uses for Photo & Video Backdrops include:

  • Photobooth — set your own backdrop using one stretch wall, or create a semi-enclosed photobooth with a backdrop and two side walls
    Pro Tip: Set up your photobooth with the back wall exposed to create a shadowbox effect and entice guests to participate
  • Green Screen — set up a green screen environment for a variety of photo, video, and training uses. The stock Digital Green (Chromakey) fabric makes imposing images and backgrounds simple and straightforward
A printed Quick Wall for Project Runway through which people could cast their shadowsA group of people stand in front of the printed Quick Wall for the Orbie AwardsA digital green Quick Wall being used as a green screen for ChromaKeying

7. Stage Backdrops

With the ability to produce any width imaginable, Quick Walls work well with stages of all sizes. Seamless up to 10’ tall and designed with a modern “Flat Top” pipe & base system, Quick Walls can provide simple yet stunning stage backdrops.

Ways to make your Stage Backdrop really pop:

  • Go BIG! — create a massive backdrop that can be used along the entire width of the stage
    Pro Tip: Mix printed areas with blank space to combine printing and projection
  • Make it part of a larger set — use in combination with other stage elements and stretch fabric products for a cohesive, compelling design
An assortment of colorful printed Quick Walls for LEAPA quartet of women dance in front of the Future of India printed Quick WallA large printed Quick Wall for the Grady Gala event

8. Internal Branding & Artwork

Special events aren’t the only areas that can benefit from customized stretch walls. The flexibility of Quick Walls can work in spaces such as warehouses, production facilities, and offices, that don’t have standard wall space or display areas available. Easy to set up and move, stretch walls can motivate and inspire employees without taking away from productivity.

Ways to enhance a workspace with Internal Branding & Artwork:

  • Company Info — share brand history, impressive accolades, or the company mission & values in a high visibility area to keep employees on track
  • Inspiring Art — give employees a welcome mental escape with dreamy artwork or industry-related designs
  • Redefine Spaces — break up large areas or cover unsightly zones with Quick Walls that can be printed and configured to fit company needs
A long Quick Wall with the Chicago skyline printed on itA printed Quick Wall commemorating 30 years of Rick Hinderer knivesA set of matching printed Quick Walls for Science Works with a mural of pterosaur silhouettes printed across the four separate Quick Walls

Whichever way you choose to use your Quick Wall, there are always options for additional customization. Check out our dye sublimation printing to learn about how custom printing and branding can be added to your Quick Wall. Stage lighting and video projection can also be applied to any Quick Wall once it is set up, giving you even more creative freedom and ease with reuse. For more ideas, check out the Quick Wall gallery, or send us a quote if you’re ready to start your order!

5 Design Ideas for Holiday Events

School’s back in session, the temperatures are cooling, and the holidays always seem to arrive sooner than we anticipate. To help get the creative ideas flowing, we’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to use stretch fabric designs in all of your holiday decor.

Our products and suggestions are structured to be extremely versatile, making it possible to repurpose and reuse them throughout the year — whether you’re revamping an item for each event, updating your designs seasonally, or reusing the entire system annually.

In addition to creating ambiance and setting a festive mood, our holiday suggestions can be great solutions when working with challenging spaces and tricky setups. Offering plenty of alternatives to standard seasonal decorations, Stretch Shapes products can accommodate restrictions such as location, available space, and transportation limits.

All of our products are a fantastic medium for stage lighting and projection video mapping, allowing you to further customize your designs after set up. Additionally, using dye sublimation printing also makes it possible to achieve high-quality, photorealistic prints that are crisp and true to color.

From ready-to-order options to fully customized sets, here are 5 ways to use Stretch Shapes products in your holiday decor — however you choose to celebrate the season!

1. Design a Winter Wonderland

The holidays may signal the end of the year, but it is only the beginning of winter. Versatile and inclusive for everyone, wintry designs create seasonal ambiance and can be used for an even longer duration, making it a favorite for many applications.

Ideas for Designing a Winter Wonderland:

Event Arch printed with a snowy forest mountain sceneTriangle 2D Forms printed with a tinsel pattern to resemble Christmas trees

2. Create Holiday Graphics & Holiday Stages

The holiday season is host to a wide variety of special events. From corporate parties to holiday balls, church productions to seasonal exhibits, there are plenty of opportunities to utilize event graphics and stage set designs in your holiday decor.

Ideas for Creating Holiday Graphics & Stage Backdrops:

Borderless Graphic Panel printed with announcement for a Jingle BallPrinted Panel Wall Tiles in a green and red pattern with an insert announcing the 2019 Holiday Expo

3. Customize a Holiday Photography Backdrop

Time to strike a pose! After the planning is complete and the celebrations are underway, the holidays always provide plenty of photo-ops. Don’t let the season come and go without documenting all of the happy memories!

Ideas for Customizing Photography Backdrops:

  • Set up a printed media wall, giving attendees an exclusive, red-carpet-worthy entrance
    Product Suggestions:  Quick Walls and Borderless Graphic Panels
  • Design a stretch wall backdrop for photobooths or a layered set that can be festive and on-brand
    Product Suggestions: Quick Walls, 2D Forms, and Borderless Graphic Panels
    Pro Tip: Using a green screen option allows you to impose images and logos post-event and makes reuse a breeze!
  • Incorporate stage lighting in a variety of colors to give backdrops
    Product Suggestions: Any Stretch Shapes product!
Printed Quick Wall with a shabby chic woodgrain pattern and the words Merry and BrightPrinted Truss Covers with candy cane striping

4. Festive Retail Decor

Sometimes setting up decor is hampered due to available space, inability to keep items on the ground, or other unique limitations. Whatever challenges you’re working with, Stretch Shapes can provide custom solutions that can help promote sales, define holiday sections, and set the atmosphere.

Ideas for Festive Retail Decor:

A 3D Snowflake in plain white fabricA printed Flat Panel Sail with a blue background and a light blue Star of David

5. Develop your own Fully Customized Holiday Project

Still looking for something specific? Let your imagination run wild! Once you have an idea, whether it’s a vague concept or a refined rendering, let our creative design team work out the logistics on how to make your idea a reality. The fun part is that you don’t have to think about the restrictions! Leave that to us, so you can focus on your creative ideas.

Tips for Developing a Custom Project:

  • Dream BIG!
  • Consider using our 100% Blockout Stretch Fabric for the ultimate display in projections and printed graphics
  • Incorporate dye sublimation printing for flawless customized graphics
  • Let us handle a large installation and set up — the holidays are stressful enough! We can handle the set up so you can think about other things — like that shopping list… or what winter cocktail you’re planning to toast with!

Product Suggestions for Developing a Custom Project

This one is up to you, but if you need some ideas or inspiration, check out the Custom Projects gallery to see some creative visions we’ve helped bring to life.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, or any other winter holiday, Stretch Shapes products are the perfect, low-stress options for decorative, festive, and ambient decor. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out the gallery below…

Stretch Shapes Celebrates 10 Years, Business Accolades, Expansion & New Products

It’s been an exciting year for us here at Stretch Shapes — marking our 10th anniversary with awards, expansion, and plenty of new products. We are excited to share the updates, knowing that you are the reason we’ve made it this far!

When our imaginative leader and CEO, Niko Mantele set out to create Stretch Shapes, his goal was to provide creative solutions for event professionals. His first design was a metal frame and stretch fabric mandala at Burning Man in 2006, and the idea for Stretch Shapes was born from there.

Officially founded in 2009, our mission is to provide AV and Live Event Professionals with reliable, compact, and innovative solutions from fabrics that stretch. And it has been an honor to do so for the past decade!

We’re passionate about creating beautiful experiences through exceptional event decor, and that drive has given us a chance to be behind the scenes for everything from corporate events to renowned music festivals, professional golf tournaments to distinguished international conferences. Over the years, some staff favorites have included the visually stunning scenic design for Ajijaak on Turtle Island with IBEX Puppetry and the gargantuan Curved Borderless Projection Screen for the Our Ocean Conference

Growth & Expansion

This year, in order to keep up with the growing demand for Stretch Shapes products, we expanded our warehouse — taking our total space up to 5 of the 8 bays. Addressing our continued expansion and growth at an all-team Town Hall, Mantele laughed, “We’ll keep going until we take over the building! But really, it can be very challenging to go through rapid growth — scaling up in a creative field and maintaining a people-first approach, while continuing to innovate is not an easy feat. And I have to say, our growth and success is because of you — the team, who continued to live by our values while going through a major growth spurt.”

And we keep growing! It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, our company started with a team of only 3 people. With 14 new hires joining us so far this year, our team has grown to a total of 34 people — nearly doubling from the year before, and with more still to come!

Inc. 5000 — America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

We are also thrilled to be recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2019. Ranking No. 1186 on the list of 5000 businesses, and ranked No. 9 of Fastest-Growing Companies in Oregon, this accolade is a testament to the confidence and trust our clients have placed in us. With 3-year growth at a rate of 349%, it’s clear to see that we couldn’t do it without you!

New Products and Updates

When Stretch Shapes began, flagship products included Flat Panel Sails and Truss Covers, but our product offerings grow with every year. Taking our values of engagement, learning, and innovation seriously, we’ve used the knowledge and expertise you share with us to launch 5 new products in 2019 alone. Check out the gallery below to see the new products and learn about each one.

Whether you’re in need of reliable Truss Covers, searching for fully customized Stage Set Designs, or have an idea you’re not sure how to implement, we are always ready to roll out the red carpet service for you — listening with care to help you find the solutions you need.

What’s next on our agenda? CEO Niko Mantele speaks on behalf of our future goals, “As we move into our next phase, likely doubling again in the years to come, our goal is to stay relevant by continuing to innovate customer-based solutions. We are always seeking to learn and refusing to stagnate — we’ll never have the approach that good is good enough. Our clients need outstanding, contemporary solutions, and we will continue to aim for excellence!”

Soon we’ll be rolling out a Design Lab where product prototypes and new ideas can be reviewed by you. Already have some ideas in mind? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll add them to the mix. Or, to stay up to date on all the latest news and product releases.

Thank you for being part of our success and inspiring us to keep going, and growing!

Reliable, compact, and innovative solutions from fabrics that stretch.